British 14th King39s Hussars Kettledrummer c1912 from Bands of


British; 3rd(King's Own) Hussars, Kettle Drummer, c.1910

British; 14th King's Hussars, Kettledrummer, c.1912 from Bands of the British

British; 5th Royal Irish Lancers, Lancer c.1914 by R.Simkin

British; 10th Prince of Wales Own Royal Hussars, Trumpeter, 1828 by Simkin

British; 16th Lancers, Officer, c.1836 by Reginald Augustus Wymer


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British; 19th Hussars, Kettle-Drummer c.1912 from Bands of the British

1st Dragoon Guards 1840-50 British Army Uniform, Military History, Victorian Era,

The blue the blue 1967

A mounted officer of the 17th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Lancers), 1825 (c)

Clearly not lancers, they look to be from the local yeomanry of the late 18th century and being navy must belong to the South Notts Hussars ...

British; 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars, c.1908

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Russian Cavalry : Uniforms : Organization : Tactics : Cuirassiers : Dragoons : Hussars

Corporal Jackie poses for a photograph in his South African military uniform

An ambulance driver from the Indian Army clenches his hands, indicating the intense pain in his leg which has been almost completely blown off, ...

Empress of India Lancers, Kettle-Drummer, near side banner from Bands of the British Army by W. Gordon and illustrated by F.

Knight Early 14th Century T54 547

Photograph of the coat rear from the 1895 - 1903 Uniform.

Follows plates in Manzey and apparent colors of a surviving relic. Other authors, like Vaklovich and Parkhayev, show red cord as well, ...

Cutout of the image from in front of the house Kolín

GE-12 - British Infantry Regiments Part

British Hussars in busbies, tunics, breeches, overalls and footwear

List of current Knights and Ladies of the Garter

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It is now the standard reference and starting place for any person interested in pursuing information about Australian involvement in the Boer War.

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Kettledrummer of the Garde du Corps Regiment stationed in Potsdam.

Military animal - Monuments for military animals in Ottawa, Ontario.

Cigarette case

Fete given for the Russian Guard by the Grenadiers in 1807 at Tilsit. Picture by

King Edward VIII, when Prince of Wales - Cope 1912.jpg

David explained that these objects are world renowned. They have mysterious origins. Their unique design and curious, almost comical expressions,range from ...

9th Queen's Royal Lancers 1912: Officer

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British; 7th Queen's Own Hussars, Kettledrummer c.1912 from Bands of the British

A picture of her at this time has been preserved by the writer Clara Tschudi, who says:

British; 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, Kettledrummer c.1912 from Bands of the

The Royal Fusiliers: Captain [undress] & Regimental Sergeant Major, Guard mounting inspection 1909

British Hussar's Uniform. There's nothing better than a well-preserved Hussar's uniform. The specimen below comes from the Regiment of 11th (Prince Albert's ...

2 whites11th Hussars (PAO)

British; 1st Irish Horse, Kettledrummer, 1751 by R.Simkin, (became

Regiment of Dragoon Guards (Carabineers), Kettledrummer, from Bands of the British Army by W. Gordon and illustrated by F.

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Trumpet major of the Leicestershire yeomanry

British; 2nd Queens Dragoon Guards- Queen's Bays, Corporal in dress uniform c.1850 by Edward Hull

LG 1860: British; 2nd Life Guards KettleDrummer 1860 by Richard Simkin. British Army

The King's Royal Hussars

Mongol horsemen of the Golden Hordes

Empress of India Lancers, Kettle-Drummer, off side banner from Bands of the British Army by W. Gordon and illustrated by F.

Albert's Own) Hussars, Reconnoitering by Harry Payne

British; 10th (Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars, by Reginald Augustus Wymer

Signallers of the 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars | Online Collection | National Army Museum, London

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10th Royal Hussars. Raised in 1715, the "Shiny 10th" served in the Crimea, the Second Afghan War, the reconquest of the Sudan, and the Second Boer War.

Queen's Royal Hussars

British; King's Royal Hussars exercise their Freedom of the City of Winchester with a parade on 10th July 2015

Military Art Postcard Warrant Officer Royal Canadian Dragoons 4-1 | British Wiltshire regiment | British army uniform, Canadian army, Canadian soldiers

British; Army Veterinary Corps, Officer, 1911


British; Royal Horse Artillery, Trumpeter, c.1895 by Alex Baker

British; 6th Dragoon Guards(Carabiners), 1888 by R.Simkin Military Costumes

The black leather Jack Boots each trooper wears will received 200 hours of polishing for the Queen's Birthday Parade. Photographer Sgt Rupert Frere; ...

Royal Army Medical Corps cap badge. Pen & ink drawing ©DawnMonksIllustrations

"Light Dragoons" e ufficiale del 14 rgt. "Light Dragoons" (Comment by original pinner.

French Drummer

Hong Kong Police Troops (Constabulary) British Empire 1910s.

DRAGOON GUARDS & DRAGOONS RANK BADGES British Army Uniform, British Uniforms, Military Art,

The traditional scarlet uniforms of the Household Cavalry, London. Scarlet is brilliant red color with a tinge of orange.[3][4][5] In the spectrum of ...

The Scots Greys at Waterloo 19th Hussards 1815 (Royal North British Dragoons) Waterloo 1815

Very Fine Scottish Feather Bonnet to the Black Watch

Royal Irish Dragoons, early 1700s

Alix Baker Postcard - AB24/7 Commanding Officer's Drummer sounding Reveille, 1st Battalion,

Dragoons, Elite Company by Pa LeRoux

Free Model Railroad Bridge Drawings | Plans and details of a timber Howe pony truss.

North Irish Horse William Orpen

The Grand Duchy of Berg: trumpeter Cavalry-Lancers in uniform near 1800-09 r

Pferde, Napoleonische Kriege, 19. Jahrhundert, Imperium, Dänemark, Spanisch, Kronjuwelen